What to Expect

  • Athletic pants or knee-length shorts may be worn with a t-shirt when trying a FREE class or after signing up for classes until your uniform is provided. 
  • Deputy Dragon classes are approximately 30 minutes. They are designed to be fun and challenging. 
  • Child 8+/Adult classes are approximately 45 minutes and are a great physical and mental workout. 
  • You can expect major changes in your body with Taekwon-Do classes. You will burn calories, tone muscles, increase flexibility, and get your metabolism kicked into high gear. 
  • Classes are designed to be positive and inspirational. Adults and children who take Taekwon-Do develop better self-confidence and perform better at work and school. 
  • All Poteet Posse students who receive high scholastic marks on their report cards for the school year are acknowledged with gold stars

Laws of the Dojang

  1. Be on time to class. Early arrival ensures time to stretch, ask questions, and be ready to begin. 
  2. Always bow to the American flag when stepping on and off the training floor. 
  3. Always be courteous and respectful. 
  4. Do not wear jewelry in class. 
  5. No food, gum, or drinks allowed on the training floor. 
  6. All commands should be answered with “Yes/No Sir/Ma’am”. 
  7. Keep finger and toe nails trimmed. 
  8. Always maintain a clean uniform and observe person-al hygiene. 
  9. You may wear full uniform or an approved Taekwon-Do shirt with your uniform pants when training. 
  10. Do not wear shoes on the training floor. 
  11. No excessive loud talking or horseplay allowed. 
  12. No smoking of any kind inside the studio, including e-cigarettes.